VEGA 3.130

Technicity and Flexibility

The VEGA 3.130 is the solution for the knitting of technical and composite material developed by our in-house Stitch Lab specialists. the gap between the needlebeds is adjusted to the specific customer’s requirements for producing for example preformed and subsequently solidified parts. An innovative yarn path allows to knit standard fibres as well as semi-rigid yarns without damaging their quality. The well-known characteristics of Steiger as of the open carriage and the motorized yarn carriers are further optimized on the VEGA 3.130 for this application. The take-down is adapted for improves performance on 3D and complex knitting shapes. The optimized cam-box increases even more the productivity of highly complex products. The gear rack clamps asure the fixation as well as the clear cut of a great variety of fibres. the VEGA 3.130 is equipped with an interface S-Touch 2.0. User-friendly and easy to learn, it allows a remote control of selected functions and a remote troubleshooting of the machine

Carriage cambox

Single head without cam carriage bridge,
with direct yarn feeding from the top.
Three systems cam boxes each with integrat-
ed bi-directional transfer
Unlimited patterning possibility with the
integrated split-stitch function
Stitch length controlled electronically with
possibilities to modify any time
Electronic needle selection 

Needle bed

 Working width 130 cm
Yarn clamps / scissors and yarn picks integrated
Selective racking over +-42 mm with possi-
bility of correction
Gauge E5 à E18 equipped with grooved
retracted transfer needles
Auto cleaning by venturi
Freegauge (option)
Comb Steiger patent

Yarn carriers

 Equipped with 16 motorised yarn carriers
Outside creel with 16 yarn tensioners
independently programmable yarn carriers
Unique device for in-lay for technical articles
Plating with 2 yarn carriers
Yarn carriers type “Argyle” (option)
Kit for supporting yarn feeding unit (option)


All types of jacquard and structures
Shape, cast-off, V-neck, etc.
Press-on on empty needles
Narrowing by retained stitch
Programming with Model Version 8 with
utility licence
Model Version 8 updates, assistance and
Model Version 9 updates, assistance and
maintenance (option)
Model+ updates, assistance and maintenance (option)


Carriage brushless motor adjustable from 0
to 1,60 m / sec. max.
Yarn carrier encoders
Upper take down system with possibility of
reversing drive

 Controls /Securities

 S-Touch 2.0
All necessary devices to stop the machine in
case of yarn breakage, knot, running out of
yarn, shock, fabric
Press-off, over-heating motors, load-up detector
Reserve battery (in case of power failure)
Load – up detector
Self diagnostic
Backup capacity 1 Giga
Network 10/100 Mbps
10” color touch-screen interface
Interface _USB stick
Netcontrol production control
Dimensions (option)
Duoknit : 2 samples produced on the same
needle-bed (option)
Remote control of the machine


Software “Model+” on PC.


  • Length 286 cm
  • Width 72/106 cm
  • Height 190/240 cm
  • Net weight 750 Kg
  • Power consumption : AC400V +-10%; 50 Hz; 1.5 KW