Best ratio productivity/price with Swiss knitting technology

Compact machine to knit panels, fully fashion, shaped garments, Jacquard and stitch structure combinations.

This machine designed by Steiger and produced on his production site in Cixi brings high productivity at very competitive price.
Compact machine to knit panels, fully fashion, shaped garments, Jacquard and stitch structure combinations or Intarsia. Machine with three systems upon a needlebed width of 130 cm. Electronic selection on each single needle, special Steiger upper take-down complete of comb. 16 motorized independent yarn-carriers. 16 scissors and clamps. Machine available in gauges from E5 to E18.. Even available in Freegauge version (variable gauge) 12/14 and 10/12.

technical specifications


5, 7, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18

Needle bed width


Machine system

Logica system

Knitting system

Single carriage with triple systems


Max speed 1.6 m/sec


Motor drive, maximum 2 inches

Needle actuator

8 section electronic needle actuator

Sinker system

Latest sinker system driven by step motors, can be adjusted according to different fabrics to achieve a plurality of effects.

Stitch density

Controlled by 255 step motors, adjust density, the range of the the adjustment is from 0-650.

System transfer

Both front and back, not affected by the carriage direction, separately knitting patterns.


High position roller with comb

Tight tuck

To achieve different stitch density

Yarn carrier

2*8 yarn carriers is arranged on the left and right sides of the 4 double side guide rails.

Transmission system

Belt drive, AC servo motor control.

Data input

Input and output patterns via USB, PC and Internet


Automatic stopping device if yarn broken, yarn knot

Size and weight

L*W*H 3070*1004* 1980mm; Weight:1210kg


Voltage : AC 220V/380V
Frequency : 50HZ/60HZ
Power : 1.5KW


Software Model