Antares 2.185 E3

Unique coarse gauge machine for intarsia

New generation of knitting machine with 2 knitting systems and 24 motorized yarn-guides, guided by ball bearings

Coarse gauge machine to knit panels, fully fashion, shaped garments, Jacquard and stitch structure combinations. Machine with one open carriage with two systems and full three-way-technique performing variable intelligent course upon a needlebed width of 185 cm. Electronic selection on each single needle, special Steiger upper take-down complete of comb. Direct yarn feeding on an open carriage with 24 motorized independent yarn-carriers. 24 scissors and clamps on the needlebed. Machine available in gauge 3.

technical specifications

Carriage – Cam box

Single head compact machine, without cam carriage bridge, with direct yarn feeding from the top. Two system cam boxes each with integrated bidirectional transfer

Needle bed

Working width 185 cm (73″). Fix front needlebed with integrated yarn clamps/scissors.


Machine available in gauge 3

Jacquard shape

Electronic needle selection. Unlimited patterning possibilities due to Three-Way-Technique and integrated function for split-stitches. Shaping by stitch transfer of press-off method

Quality Stitch

Controlled electronically without limits with the possibility to modify at any time.

Yarn guides

Up to 24 motorized yarn-carriers with direct feeding, independent by the movement of the carriage. Yarn carriers are dropped off automatically at the edge of the design or the selvedge.

Take down

Programmable and active at 25 mm. from the loop formation. Take-down comb programmable.


By brushless motor, infinitely variable stroke. Programmable knitting speed from 0 – 1,30 m/s.


All necessary devices stop the machine in case of yarn breakage, knots, shock, over-heating of motors, fabric press-off, etc.


Selective over +-60 mm. with possibility of correction.


Software “Model” on PC.


Ethernet10/100 Mbps, USB interface


L : 412 cm
W : 92/130 cm (with pay-off)
H : 158/223 cm (with pay-off)
Net weight 1750 Kg